Ike Mann is a Talent Manager living in London, United Kingdom. When a Talent Manager takes up work with a client, their main role is to introduce the new artist to help them develop their careers with the aim of introducing them to the world.

Ike was born in the 1980s, a decade in which events that could be classified as the most significant evolution of hip hop, R&B and many other urban genres have taken place. Music became popular, as never before.

Ike’s first rap record that he purchased, was Ice Cube’s debut studio album ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’. Growing up listening to a range of artists from different genres including Pop, Dance and others; Ike’s love for music grew and has since worked with a number of public figures, musicians, sports and media personalities from all over the globe.Inspired by working with publicists, managers and agents, Ike started gaining experience in the entertainment / sports world and rubbing shoulders with leading figures in these industries.

Having an ear for talent, Ike started attending a number of unsigned talent shows all over the UK. In addition, he frequently scoured the internet through a number of online platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud, seeking talent with which he might work.

While there are many Talent Managers out there, not everyone is the best. Some take years to gain accurate knowledge and make their way to the top, while others are naturally gifted with that inbuilt passion and knowledge for talent. This passion cannot be bought.

His skills include an eye for talent and listening skills that enable him to hear the artists’ ‘it’ factor that others cannot hear.

Popular on Instagram, Ike spends time in Miami, splitting his time between Britain and across the pond. Mr. Mann also performs regular searches for new talent on YouTube, Sound Cloud and other platforms. He’s even been to many Florida talent shows to find new talent to work with.Working with some great music and sports personalities, Ike Mann has become the figure that new artists find to show off their talent. His everyday experience, talent, and drive to grow has helped him achieve that success.

Although on his journey Ike met and worked with a number of public figures, he remains grounded.

“It’s interesting to meet and work with those in the public eye, because when the cameras are off you get an insight into what they are like as a person. Most are just ordinary people like you and I.